High-Tech Nutrition Protein ISO Stevia 90, (5lb). Chocolate

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High-Tech Nutrition Protein ISO 90, the ultimate protein powder to support your fitness and muscle building goals. This advanced formula is specially designed to provide the highest quality source of protein, supporting muscle recovery, growth and tissue repair.

High-Tech Nutrition Protein ISO 90 is made from premium whey protein isolate. This isolate is obtained through an advanced filtration process, removing impurities and unwanted fats while preserving protein purity and bioavailability.

High-Tech Nutrition Protein ISO 90 is quickly absorbed by your body, delivering essential amino acids directly to your muscles. This promotes muscle protein synthesis, stimulates muscle growth and speeds recovery after training. Whether you're looking to build muscle, improve your body composition, or recover faster between workouts, this protein provides essential support.

In addition to its high protein content (27g per serving) , High-Tech Nutrition Protein ISO 90 is free of carbohydrates and fats, ISO 90 ensures maximum recovery with 90% pure protein*. Source of protein for the maintenance of good health. Source of protein to support tissue production and repair. Source of amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis. Helps build muscle mass when used in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

High-Tech Nutrition Protein ISO 90 mixes easily with water or milk, resulting in a delicious protein shake. With its varied and delicious flavors, you can enjoy it at any time of the day, whether after training, as a snack or as an addition to your meals.

Trust High-Tech Nutrition to offer you superior quality products. Each batch of High-Tech Nutrition Protein ISO 90 undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity and compliance with the highest standards.

Reach your fitness goals with High-Tech Nutrition Protein ISO 90. Give your body the nutrition it needs to maximize your results. Go for a quality protein and choose High-Tech Nutrition Protein ISO 90 today.

With Stevia - Without sugar

Suggested job

Adults. Take 1 scoop + 250-500ml in a cold beverage once or twice a day after training.

Ingredients + Warnings

Chocolate: Micro-filtered whey protein isolate, xanthan gum, stevia, cocoa, natural and artificial flavor. May contain: Milk, eggs, soy.