Pro Circuit Vegetable Soy Protein, (500g), Vanilla

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Vegetable protein composed of 100% SOYA ISOLATE. Provides all essential amino acids. Supports your muscle building goal. Stimulates recovery and promotes the elimination of toxins.

The vegetable protein of Soy Pro Circuit in vanilla flavor, the perfect complement for a balanced and healthy diet. Made from high quality soy protein, this natural and vegan product offers a delicious and nutritious alternative to animal protein.

With its convenient 500g format, Soy Pro Circuit vegetable protein is ideal for active people, athletes and anyone who wants to maintain or build muscle mass. Each serving gives you a generous amount of protein, with 25g per serving, which aids in post-exercise muscle growth and repair.

Pro Circuit's sweet and creamy vanilla flavor adds a touch of indulgence to your protein shakes. Whether you mix it with water, vegetable milk or incorporate it into your favorite recipes, this product blends perfectly to create refreshing drinks or tasty preparations.

In addition to its high protein content, the vegetable protein in Pro Circuit Soya is also a source of dietary fiber and essential nutrients such as iron and calcium. It is gluten-free, lactose-free and without added sugars, so it is suitable for people with dietary restrictions or following a specific diet.

With Pro Circuit Soy Plant Protein , you can support your training, improve your recovery, and achieve your fitness goals while sticking to your dietary choices. Add this high quality plant protein to your daily routine and live an active and energetic life in a healthy and delicious way.

Suggested job

Add 1 serving* (28g) of SOYA to 250-500ml to your favorite cold beverage. Mix well. For best results, consume one serving immediately after training or between meals as a snack.

For the sake of the environment, this pot does not contain a plastic measure (scoop)

*1 serving = 1/3 cup or 6 tablespoons

Ingredients + Warnings

VANILLA: Soy protein isolate, natural flavor, stevia leaf powder. CONTAINS: Soy. MAY CONTAIN: Milk, Eggs.