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AAT Institute Naturopathy Program

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The AAT Institute's naturopathy program has 13 modules in which we address clinical nutrition, hormonal management, digestive health, biochemistry and dozens of hours of videos to listen to at your own pace.

Module 1

Introduction to naturopathy and healthy lifestyle

In this module, you will see a summary of the history of different alternative medicines as well as the basic principles of healthy living.

You will have a questionnaire as well as a text to write for this module.

Module 2

Human physiology

Anatomy and Physiology: A comprehensive study of the human body from the cell to the various systems that come together to form the human body. The skeleton, muscles, central nervous system, blood, cardiovascular system, etc.

This module includes the Level I course: Hormonal cascade and client assessment in video format

This module is divided into 14 sub-modules, each with its own questionnaire.

Module 3

Nutrition and metabolism

Nutrition is a field in constant evolution. In order to fully understand the subtle nuances of nutrition, you need to have seen the basis, but also the various past and future theories on the subject. In this training, you will be able to learn about all aspects that will allow you to fully understand the basis of food such as macronutrients and micronutrients, but also the deep interaction between food and the evolution of the condition of the human being. . In addition, we will see in detail several types of diets and analyze their strengths and weaknesses and the biochemistry of the human body.

This module includes the Level I course: Advanced Nutrition in video format

This module is divided into several sub-modules each with its own questionnaire in addition to the homework to be submitted.

Module 4


Herbalism is one of the most powerful assets that a naturopath possesses, but you still need to master the subject well. In this module we will provide an overview of the history, basic principles, different approaches in the world related to herbalism and we will see more than one of the plants and their medicinal effects.

Module 5

Cortisol: stress and health

Cortisol, an important hormone produced by the human body, is the hormone that allows the body to adapt to stress. Its overproduction is very harmful to the human body in the short and long term. Come learn how to recognize such a problem and especially how to better manage it with your customers.

The thyroid system

This training covers the general functioning of the thyroid gland, its impact on the function of the human body and the possible causes of its dysfunction. This is a training combined with that of estrogen dominance.

Estrogen and progesterone

In a world where stress and external pollutants are increasingly present, it is completely normal for the body to suffer the consequences. Come discover the problems associated with estrogen dominance. During this training, we will cover subjects such as menopause, the different sources of external estrogens as well as the consequences that such disruption can have on the body.

This module includes Level II training: Cortisol: Stress and health in video format

Module 6

The digestive system and its roles

This module will address the subject of digestion, digestive physiology and nutrient absorption. Additionally, we will look in more depth at the roles of the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys in human physiology.
Finally, we will discuss some of the problems and solutions related to these systems

This module includes the Level II course: Digestive physiology in video format.

Module 7

Insulin, weight and appetite management

This advanced level module is one of the most comprehensive at the AAT Institute. It covers multiple topics, including diabetes, weight and appetite management, blood sugar control, glycation, diet-related inflammation and its consequences as well as some of the practical approach and therapeutic to help better manage these multiple problems.

This module includes the course Level III: Insulin: Weight Management, Obesity and Health in video format.

Unit 8


Whether we talk about dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine or gaba, we barely explain what a neurotransmitter is and what it does. In this seminar we will discuss the production of different neurotransmitters, the role or rather the effect of these, the relationship between your hormones and your neurotransmitters as well as the association of certain neurotransmitters with certain medical conditions.

This module includes the course Neurotransmitters in video format.

Module 9

Psychology, help relationship and customer contact

The customer approach and all the psychology that matters is surely one of the most complex facets of naturopathy. In this module, we will provide an overview of the different points that a good naturopath should know in this sphere.

Unit 10

How to read a scientific study

Access to information is a real gift in our time, but we still need to be able to fully understand this information and judge its relevance. In this module, we will see several basic points to understand to help you better interpret the different scientific studies.

Unit 11

Basis of immunology

In this module, we will take our understanding of the immune system a little further. Innate immunity, acquired immunity, The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and Toll receivers will no longer be a secret to you. This module also covers a wide range of topics encompassing digestion, bowel diseases, the consequences of poor digestive health, food intolerances as well as food sensitivities such as gluten. Learn how to manage and prevent such problems with your customers. This training also includes a therapeutic approach component.

This module includes the Level III course: The immune system: digestive problem, autoimmune and degenerative diseases in format video.

Unit 12

Professional ethics, legal aspect, sexuality, etc.

In this module we will address the ethical and legal aspect of private practice in naturopathy as well as behaviors relating to sexuality in the context of client contact.

Unit 13

Case study

Theory is essential to being able to fully understand the multiple aspects of the human body, but to properly apply what you have learned, it is essential to be able to put it into practice. In this module, you will have to apply your theoretical knowledge to clinical cases during classroom training.

You will need to attend a webinar to complete the module: Case study

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