Phase 1 – Protein Diet

Légumes permis Asperges, bettes à carde, brocoli, bok choy, céleri, céleri rave, champignons, chicorée, choucroute, chou, chou-fleur, chou-rave, concombre, cornichon, courgette, cresson, échalotes vertes, endives, épinards, fenouil, fèves germées, gombo, laitue (toutes les sortes), navet, oignon, oseille, piments forts, poireaux, poivron,...


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After years of R&D, innoVactiv unlocked one of the most powerful secrets of nature; a unique and natural rejuvenating marine serum called Juventide™. Buyonik sells directly to consumers and shares its benefits!

Buyonic concept

The Buyonik Concept

In recent years, the way we do business has changed. In the last 12 months this process has accelerated. More and more consumers are changing the way they shop. Manufacturers and merchants must quickly adapt if they want to maintain or increase their market share. To achieve this, the manufacturer's sale to consumers must go through a new distribution...


To all merchants

Buyonik represents a unique business opportunity that totally revolutionizes the way of doing business. Buyonik is the online sales platform you should partner with. Our mission, to share the wealth between manufacturers, merchants, while giving access to better than market prices to our consumers. Buyonik is a platform developed by entrepreneurs...