Maintenant disponibles chez Buyonik les produits Dr. Isabelle Huot

Dr. Isabelle Huot products are now available at Buyonik

For several years now, I have been offering a host of products including a complete range of ready-to-eat meals and turnkey services for everyone. Over the past few years, I've thought a lot about the evolution of my business. The name Kilo Solution being associated with weight loss for the majority of Quebecers, I wanted to reach out more to each person for whom maintaining healthy lifestyle habits is essential. The solutions I already offer go well beyond weight loss.

By creating Isabelle Huot Doctor in Nutrition, I want to appeal to many: those who have little time to cook, active people who move around every day, those who want to eat healthily, buy quality products or even meet competent professionals.

I have a solution for you, whatever your health goal.