Promotional resources

With your new Buyonik store, there are many resources available to promote a manufacturer's brand to a potential audience. They are all provided on your portal.

Option #1 Your store link

Option #2 Your default store link

Your store's link is displayed on the Dashboard , which is the first thing you see when you log into your account.

Each time a customer clicks on your store link and makes a purchase (which is tracked by a cookie), you will receive a commission according to the rules of the program.

The share buttons for social networks are visible and super practical to promote the products to your customers.

Customize your store link
Another option for a custom, trustworthy link is to use your store's custom link. Instead of sharing a URL with a long fixed parameter at the end, you could, for example, rename a link like this: https://shopurl/store name. It would increase your confidence when working with clients.

Also, you may have the option to customize the link yourself.

Get the product link
The default link can normally lead to your homepage, but you can choose to promote any product/collection that you think would suit your customer's tastes.

To generate links for specific products, go to your account and click on the “ get product link” button on the dashboard :

Then enter the product/collection link or any link on your store that you want to use and click on the “ Generate” button:

After, fill in the source box (optional), and click on “ Generate”:

Once your link(s) generates a click or sale, you can filter the conversion on the dashboard or via the “ Commission” tab:

Media tools
To make your campaign more professional, boosting your store link with some banners, logos and images is a good idea. This could give your customers more ideas about the brand, the product and the promotional campaign in general.

You can get your media directly to your store under the " Marketing tools" tab.

Shareable media can be images, links, videos or files. Regarding the image, you have the possibility to download or obtain a code to share this media on your own channels. If an image is attached with a link, you can instantly share it on social media with just one click.


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