Become a Merchant


THE ONE and ONLY Canadian online sales platform that aims to revolutionize online commerce in Canada and which offers a turnkey solution to merchants to compete with giants like Amazon.

Offer more to your customers and increase your revenue without storing.

In the retail industry, retailers are currently facing extinction. They find it difficult to compete with giants such as Amazon, which offer a seamless customer experience: competitive prices, a wide range of products, high quality, impeccable service and fast delivery.


BUYONIK offers you an innovative concept that aims to revolutionize online sales in Canada, to provide SMEs with the same tools used by Amazon and to create a significant global impact, while keeping our wealth here!

We have put in place an already operational solution to bring together and support merchants. It is crucial to unify SMEs by giving them the same tools as the big players.



  • Virtual store identified with your business, without risk and without management.
  • Wide range of quality products (mostly local), Cost price + 15%.
  • Commission of 2 to 7% on your own purchases + profit on products sold in store.
  • Creation of an additional income of 2% with the Fundamental Campaign component.
  • SEO income plan for the merchant.
  • Increase your in-store sales because customers will want to come and buy from you instead of turning to Amazon or big box stores, because finally you have the opportunity to be on an equal footing with these major market players.
  • Personalized support to help you make the digital shift and thus guarantee the sustainability of your business.


Consult the MERCHANT Solutions presentation for all the details:

How the MERCHANT Solution program works:

1. Contact us today and one of our representatives will provide you with the information you need to get started with your online store free of charge. All this is offered without risk!

2. BUYONIK is a sharing company and we are committed to supporting you and helping you ensure the sustainability of your business. You will thus create different sources of additional income for your business and will be able to offer a vast inventory of Canadian products to your customers, via the link to your online store.

3. Get paid directly through your bank account every month.

4. Log in to your account
Once approved, you will receive a notification email including a login link. Log in to your account using the email and password provided (which you can change later) to register. You will then access your store account.


How my store works (FAQ)
How do I know if someone is purchasing through my store?
Everything is transparent on the dashboard in your account.

How often will I get paid?
We send the funds directly through your bank account on the 15th of each month.

How do we track sales?
We track the sales of your web store via your link, the date is saved on the customer's local browser storage (cookie) for an unlimited period of time. This way, if the person returns to the site and buys, even if they did not go through your link, the commission will be attributed to you thanks to the navigation cookies (cookie) which previously recorded your link.

Who is this program for?
This program is aimed at all merchants who want to make the digital shift and generate additional revenue for their business. Unique concept, no cost, no risk! Offer MORE, earn MORE… without storing!