Start promoting

Start promoting your store:
After understanding how the system works, you can now start promoting your store. Below are the most popular and effective ways to boost your promotional campaign.

Design a landing page
The landing page is the bridge between visitors visiting the site and the actual conversion. It is therefore crucial to create an attractive landing page to increase the conversion rate. Answer the questions: why visitors need the product; what are the main advantages when using the product; how does this product stand out from others; why visitors should act now, etc.
You are halfway to convincing your visitors to click, buy or take action in some way.

The other elements are based on the customers themselves and the user experience of your site as a whole. Factors such as: site speed, visual design, order and personalization of content can play an important role in your customer's buying process.

Boost on social networks
In order to promote your store on social media, you must first update your social profiles by creating a professional bio.

Social media posts can be in the form of text, photos or videos, depending on each social platform you need to create and publish relevant content. In particular, you need to formulate a content strategy and use a mix of content types, preferably the ones your audience will like the most.

Create a promotional video
Video marketing is becoming a popular method to promote your store. The percentage of time people spend watching videos is increasing over the years. Additionally, video is the type of content that gets the most engagement out of all content types. Marketing via video can take different forms and each store chooses its own way to showcase the product. The most trending types of video content these days are: how-to videos, music videos, vlogs, funny videos, etc.

Blog promotion
To promote your store, you can choose your own means of promotional campaigns. Using a blog post, you can mention the product and insert a link to the destination website so that visitors can get more details (remember to insert a link with your own tracking so you can observe your performance).

Advertising on Facebook
Running Google Ads and Facebook Ads would be the fastest and most direct way to approach potential customers. But by running ads, you're spending money in exchange for customers converting, so this method is probably more suitable for professionals who already have enough capital to maintain the cost of their ads before recouping the commission.

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