Track your performance

Tracking methods
As mentioned earlier in the promotion resources , we can use various forms of link as well as a code to promote your store's website and get credit.

Regarding the cookie, when a customer clicks on the link of your store, the system automatically saves a cookie on his browser. This way, if a customer returns to the store and buys without clicking directly on your link, you will still get your credit thanks to the cookie that saved your link. The cookie time is unlimited .

Regarding the code, it can work separately as a means of tracking without having to apply simultaneously with your store link. During a special promotion, customers will also have the option to apply a coupon which will be awarded upon purchase so that the system can calculate the commission.

In addition to the two methods above, Buyonik also allows registering orders via a connected customer or a connected product. In fact, once a customer is connected to you, all future sales from that same customer will be credited to you even if they don't use any links or coupons. The same will also apply to connected products/collections.

Sales statistics
After you've made sales, you'll be able to track your performance right in your account with charts showing the total number of clicks, orders, and sales you've made on the dashboard .

In the " Commission" tab, you can see the details of your income and commissions as well as their status (approved/denied/pending). The source of the referrals is also indicated there with the icon under the Referral ID column as shown in the image below.

In this example, the first order is followed by your store link, followed by coupon, connected customer, and connected product. If you would like to check the commission calculation of each referral, please click on the “Detail” button under the Action” column to view.

Payment of commissions
Note : Be sure to select a payment method in Settings > Payment so that Buyonik can pay you. (Payment will be made directly to your bank account on the first of each month).

Once the commission is approved and paid, the commission status will change from Pending > Approved > Paid .

You can also see the payment details and the list of commissions paid in the " Payment" tab.

If you have any questions while using your account, you can contact Buyonik Customer Service for assistance. To do this, simply send an email to the address that appears at the top right of your account.

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