Fund your association

At Buyonik, we believe in the importance of supporting organizations and initiatives that contribute to the development of our society. This is why we choose to offer valuable financial assistance to interested organizations, in order to help them carry out their projects and achieve their objectives.

Thanks to our unique business model, we are able to provide this support using the revenue generated from the sale of our products. We offer a wide range of innovative and high quality products, which are highly appreciated by our loyal customers. Take note that new products will be arriving shortly on our website so that everyone can find items at their convenience.

We are proud to say that up to 20% of the amount of each sale is directly donated to interested organizations , which represents a significant discount to accomplish several projects.

The fundraising assistance we provide can be used for a variety of activities, be it community events, educational projects, non-profit travel, or even to support social programs.

At Buyonik, we are aware that funding can be a major challenge for many initiatives. We therefore want to lighten this burden by offering a unique opportunity for organizations to finance their activities while providing quality products to our customers.

We invite interested organizations to contact us to discuss their funding needs. Together, we can work towards achieving important projects and improving our society. We believe in the power of partnership and building a better future for all.

Choose Buyonik for your activity and travel financing needs, and together we will make a lasting difference.

Contact us for further information.