Le revenu d'appoint le plus facile du marché. SANS FRAIS - SANS RISQUE avec Buyonik

The easiest extra income on the market. NO COST - NO RISK with Buyonik

Buyonik is proud to present to you the business vision of the future ! This is about equitable sharing of wealth to ensure our success and yours. The first equation is to give consumers back their rightful place, by offering them the best prices on the market on their personal purchases. This can be done through a unique concept of selling directly from the manufacturer to consumers. This allows us to offer exceptional discounts!

Buyonik's mission is to counter the globalization of markets and distribute wealth more equitably .

BUYONIK SHARES MORE THAN 70% OF ITS PROFITS WITH YOU! You get up to 20% of sales when a customer makes a purchase through your store.

How does it actually work?

Direct sales from manufacturer to consumers
Buyonik negotiates with several quality manufacturers in order to obtain unbeatable prices on the market. In exchange for great visibility for their products, manufacturers send their items to our warehouses and we take care of delivery directly to the consumer. With Buyonik, no intermediary is required. By bringing together all the manufacturers in the same place, it is possible to considerably reduce the prices associated with delivery and thus allow the consumer to save big.

Here's everything we do for you:
- Your turnkey Buyonik store
- No inventory, warehousing and shipping fees
- No design costs (graphic designer, logo and visual)
- Operating license
- Online sales transactional platform and update
- Promotional model for the product
- Liability insurance
- Credit card fees
- Transactional website
- Site hosting
- Residual (you keep your acquired assets)

Your work tools:

Teasers: All our products are launched in this form with the following objectives: 

  1. Make a product and the company concept known
  2. Develop your store
  3. Increase your data
  4. Supply our resellers in order to open up a path for development for them
  5. Serving targeted groups in all markets
  6. You offer the possibility of developing digital
  7. Help our affiliates and their customers evolve towards the formula of the future, namely profit sharing

Your web store
In this we find some offers at the start, these evolve quickly, as well as your income. Always the same concept from manufacturer to consumers. So the most generous margins in the industry on the lowest prices.

Our partners
Laboratories: Several laboratories are present with us in this operation. We are ready for growth. They already manufacture thousands of products so our possibilities are very wide. Step by step is our motto...The Buyonik store is taking off. Join us by becoming an affiliate and grow your own business!

How the program works:

1. Contact us today and one of our representatives will provide you with the information you need to get started with your online store free of charge. All this is offered at no cost and without risk!

2. BUYONIK SHARES MORE THAN 70% OF ITS PROFITS WITH YOU! So you get up to 20% of sales when a customer makes a purchase through your store link.

3. Get paid directly through your bank account.

4. Log in to your account
Once approved, you will receive a notification email including a login link. Log in to your account using the email and password provided (which you can change later) to register. You will then access your store account.


    How my store works (FAQ)
    How do I know if someone is purchasing through my store?
    Everything is transparent on the dashboard in your account.

    How often will I get paid?
    We send funds directly through your bank account on the first of every month.

    How do we track sales?
    We track the sales of your web store via your link, the date is saved on the customer's local browser storage (cookie) for an unlimited period of time. This way, if the person returns to the site and buys, even if they did not go through your link, the commission will be attributed to you thanks to the navigation cookies (cookie) which previously recorded your link.

    Who is this program for?
    This program is aimed at anyone who wants to start their own business and generate additional income. Financial freedom, unique concept, no fees, no risk!