LC Chest Firming Gel - Mune, (250ml)

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Opt for a natural solution to firm up your breasts! This firming gel for the bust gives you a feeling of softness to your skin as well as long-lasting hydration. Mune is a natural product, so it is paraben-free, silicone-free and PEG-free.

Your breasts are attached to your thorax by Cooper's ligaments for which these ligaments have no tensor muscle function. Therefore, their only support is formed by a cutaneous envelope. So, any loosening or sagging of this tissue, caused by childbirth, dieting, menopause or others, leads to a decrease in the tension and firmness of your breasts. Mune contains a hormone of an active ingredient taken from the fruit named Kigelia coming directly from Africa and having the effect of increasing the activity of dermal fibroblasts, increasing the water content, hyaluronic acid as well as the level of dermal collagen so as to induce firming of the cutaneous structure. Thus, Mune is the natural solution that contributes to firming up your bust.