Pro Circuit Maxi Mass, 5lb, (Chocolate)

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Pro Circuit Maxi Mass 5lb chocolate - your ultimate partner for effective muscle mass gain!

Pro Circuit Maxi Mass is specially formulated for people looking to build muscle mass and achieve their muscle building goals. With its delicious vanilla flavor and highly nutritious formula, it is designed to help you maximize your results.

Optimal mass gain: This product provides you with a significant caloric intake (380 calories**) necessary for building a more massive and powerful physique. Unbeatable in taste, rich and creamy, this product is for people who want to increase their muscle mass or who have difficulty gaining weight.

Ideal combination: Pro Circuit Maxi Mass can be used at any time of the day, whether as a protein snack between meals or as a post-workout shake to support muscle recovery. It helps you optimize your intake of essential nutrients for visible results.

Give your muscle building program a boost with the Pro Circuit Maxi Mass Chocolate . Order now from our website and get ready for impressive muscle gains!

Suggested job

Add one serving* (100g) to 500-750ml of your favorite cold beverage. Mix well. Take once or twice a day. Can be consumed after training or between meals as a snack.

For the sake of the environment, this pot does not contain a plastic measure (scoop)

*1 serving = 2/3 cup or 10 tablespoons

Ingredients + Warnings

CHOCOLATE: Sugars (maltodextrin, fructose), Whey Protein Concentrate, Cocoa. CONTAINS: Milk. MAY CONTAIN: Eggs, Soy.

WARNING: Very caloric, therefore not recommended to consume at the end of the evening.